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UAAG 2.0 Implementation Report Detail: Readers

Updated on:
27 October, 2014
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This is a working document from the User Agent Accessibility Guidelines Working Group (UAWG) produced in anticipation of Candidate Recommendation which provides informal evaluation of user agents and their implementation of the UAAG 2.0 success criteria. The User Agent Accessibility Guidelines (UAAG) 2.0 is not complete and is still subject to change. Any information in this document is a preliminary opinion and should not be considered as a statement of conformance.

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ID Title Priority UA1 UA1 Notes UA2 UA2 Notes UA3 UA3 Notes UA4 UA4 Notes UA5 UA5 Notes
1.1.1 Render Alternative Content A

1.1.2 Indicate Unrendered Alternative Content A

1.1.3 Replace Non-Text Content A

1.1.4 Provide Configurable Alternative Content Defaults AA

1.1.5 Facilitate Clear Display of Alternative Content for Time-based Media AA

1.1.6 Allow Resize and Reposition of Time-based Media Alternatives AAA

1.2.1 Support Repair by Assistive Technologies AA

1.2.2 Repair Missing Structure AAA

1.3.1 Highlighted Items A

1.3.2 Highlighting Options AA

1.4.1 Basic text formatting (Globally) A

1.4.2 Basic text formatting (by Element) AA

1.4.3 Blocks of text (Globally) AA

1.4.4 Configured and Reflowed Text Printing AA

1.4.5 Advanced text formatting (Globally) AAA

1.5.1 Global Volume A

1.6.1 Speech Rate, Volume, and Voice A

1.6.2 Speech Pitch and Range AA

1.6.3 Advanced Speech Characteristics AAA

1.6.4 Synthesized Speech Features AA

1.6.5 Synthesized Speech Language AA

1.7.1 Support User Stylesheets A

1.7.2 Apply User Stylesheets A

1.7.3 Disable Author Stylesheets A

1.7.4 Save Copies of Stylesheets AA

1.8.1 Highlight Viewport A

1.8.2 Move Viewport to Selection and Focus A

1.8.3 Provide Viewport Scrollbars A

1.8.4 Indicate Viewport Position A

1.8.5 Allow Zoom A

1.8.6 Maintain Point of Regard A

1.8.7 Customize Viewport Highlighting AA

1.8.8 Allow Viewport Resize AA

1.8.9 Provide Viewport History AA

1.8.10 Allow Top-Level Viewport Open on Request AA

1.8.11 Allow Top-Level Viewport Focus Control AA

1.8.12 Allow Same User Interface AA

1.8.13 Multi-Column Text Reflow AA

1.8.14 Ignore Absolute Layout Dimensions AA

1.8.15 Linearize Content AA

1.8.16 Provide Web Page Bookmarks AAA

1.9.1 Outline View AA

1.9.2 Source View AAA

1.10.1 Show Related Elements AA

1.10.2 Show Element Hierarchy AAA

2.1.1 Provide Full Keyboard Functionality A

2.1.2 Show Keyboard Focus A

2.1.3 Avoid Keyboard Traps A

2.1.4 Separate Selection from Activation A

2.1.5 Follow Text Keyboard Conventions A

2.1.6 Make Keyboard Access Efficient A

2.2.1 Sequential Navigation Between Elements A

2.2.2 Sequential Navigation Between Viewports A

2.2.3 Default Navigation Order A

2.2.4 Options for Wrapping in Navigation AA

2.3.1 Allow Direct Navigation to Enabled Elements AA

2.3.2 Allow Direct Activation of Enabled Elements AA

2.3.3 Present Direct Commands from Rendered Content AA

2.3.4 Present Direct Commands in User Interface AA

2.3.5 Allow Customized Keyboard Commands AA

2.4.1 Text Search A

2.4.2 Search Direction A

2.4.3 Match Found A

2.4.4 Alert on Wrap or No Match A

2.4.5 Alternative Content Search AA

2.5.1 Show Location in Hierarchy AA

2.5.2 Provide Structural Navigation by Heading and within Tables AA

2.5.3 Configure Structural Navigation and Views AAA

2.6.1 Allow Access and Activation of Input Methods AA

2.7.1 Allow Persistent Accessibility Settings A

2.7.2 Allow Restore All to Default A

2.7.3 Allow Multiple Sets of Preference Settings AA

2.7.4 Allow Preference Changes from outside the User Interface AAA

2.7.5 Make Preference Settings Transferable AAA

2.8.1 Customize Display of Controls for User Interface Commands, Functions, and Extensions AA

2.9.1 Adjustable Time Limits A

2.10.1 Three Flashes or Below Threshold A

2.10.2 Three Flashes AAA

2.11.1 Time-Based Media Load-Only A

2.11.2 Execution Placeholder A

2.11.3 Execution Toggle A

2.11.4 Adjustable Playback Rate for Prerecorded Content AA

2.11.5 Stop/Pause/Resume Time-Based Media A

2.11.6 Navigation of Time-Based media by Time A

2.11.7 Navigation of Time-Based Media by Semantics AA

2.11.8 Video Contrast and Brightness AAA

2.12.1 Platform Text Input Devices A

2.12.2 Operation With Any Device AA

2.12.3 Text Input With Any Device AAA

3.1.1 Text Entry Undo A

3.1.2 Settings Changes can be Reversed or Confirmed A

3.1.3 Retrieval Progress A

3.1.4 Spell Check AA

3.1.5 Back Button AA

3.1.6 Form Submission Confirm AA

3.1.7 Form Auto-Fill AA

3.1.8 Save Form Entries AA

3.2.1 Accessible Documentation A

3.2.2 Describe Accessibility Features A

3.2.3 Document All Features AA

3.2.4 Changes Between Versions AA

3.2.5 Centralized View AAA

3.3.1 Avoid Unpredictable Focus A

4.1.1 Support Platform Accessibility Services A

4.1.2 Expose Basic Properties A

4.1.3 Provide Equivalent Accessible Alternatives A

4.1.4 Make DOMs Programmatically Available A

4.1.5 Make Write Access Programmatically Available A

4.1.6 Expose Additional Properties AA

5.1.1 Comply with WCAG WCAG

5.1.2 Implement Accessibility Features of Content Specifications A

5.1.3 Implement Accessibility Features of the Platform A

5.1.5 Allow Content Elements to be Rendered in Alternative Viewers AA

5.1.6 Enable Reporting of User Agent Accessibility Faults AAA