This document lists and described the tools necessary for effective management of the test suite.
Introduction ============
Find deprecated tests ===================== As specs are modified, some tests are no longer relevant. The anchors they are pointing to no longer exist. A script must periodically runs over the test repository and specs and open up GitHub issues for tests that are no longer tied to an existing anchor. Pull Request Review tools ========================= GitHub's [Repository status API]( allows integration of third party services to verify if a Pull Request meets certain requirements (more info on [GitHub's related blog post]( This allows automating a number of tasks for reviewers, such as verifying whether the contributor has signed the CLA. The results of running these tools needs to be archived and available online. The ideal solution consists in a small infrastructure which makes it easy to add more such tools in a declarative manner as requirements change. This infrastructure would abstract all communication with GitHub's API and handle the presentation layer, so that tools would simply consist of a name and a script/function returning a status of pending, success, error, or failure. The following are a non-exhaustive list of such tools. Has the CLA been signed? ------------------------ Check that the commit authors have all signed the CLA (data will be available through some form of API). Is meta data present and correct? --------------------------------- Verify that the expected meta data is present and points to existing sections of specs (see ).