The Verifiable Claims Task Force

A Task Force of the Web Payments Interest Group

Verifiable Claims Telecon

Minutes for 2016-03-08

Matt Stone is scribing.

Topic: Draft Charter Proposal

Manu Sporny: Hoping to circulate charter at upcoming AC meeting
Manu Sporny: Anyone sent in review comments?
Crickets... only Ian Jacobs.
Manu Sporny: Need more focus on the charter - please review by Friday!!
John Tibbetts: I'll respond by Friday
Daniel C. Burnett: Manu, I have skimmed but will review by Friday
David Ezell: Thank you for all the work" -- there are a couple places where charter could be more assertive and others where it may be over assertive
ACTION: John Tibbetts to review VCTF Draft Charter by Friday.
ACTION: Dan Burnett to review VCTF Draft Charter by Friday.
David Ezell: Eg: protocol should do "such and such" may be better to read "could" unless it's a real requirement
Eric Korb: Should or could to "may"?
ACTION: dezell Ezell to review VCTF Draft Charter by Friday.
ACTION: Matt Stone to review VCTF Draft Charter by Friday.
Eric Korb: Korb will review by Friday
Matt Stone: I will review by friday as well
ACTION: Eric Korb to review VCTF Draft Charter by Friday.
Manu will move charter to webpayments IG space

Topic: Material for W3C Advisory Committe Meeting at MIT

Manu Sporny: Thinking it might be good to have small handouts of overview and links?
Shane McCarron: No, I am here - be on the call in a second
Manu Sporny: Not getting anytime on the public timeline - not doing breakout discussions in AC meeting. will have to have curbside discussions
David Ezell: Handouts are unusual - if it's the size of the business card it may be well received - as a marketing concept we might want to make it a "verifiable claim" :)
Manu Sporny: Should pull the IG in next week - timeline is VERY short.
Manu Sporny: Asking for "informal" review to socialize the charter before the official review
Manu & dezell will discuss plan offline this week to get this on the radar at AC
Manu Sporny: If we have an artifact to circulate - we'll have initial charter, minimal use cases, perhaps this business card thing. anything else?

Topic: Use Cases Document

Manu Sporny: Shane reviewed the use cases and winnowed it down to use cases that support the focused charter - target about 6-8 cases
Shane McCarron: Styled and edited so it's a more readable narrative - needs a review from this group
Matt Stone: +1 On the diagrams.
Matt Stone: Thanks for the diagrams, appreciate the addition of those. [scribe assist by Manu Sporny]
John Tibbetts: I reviewed them probably while Shane was modifying them.
Manu Sporny: Concern that b/c it's so winnowed down - we haven't gone through the exercise to map this to what we actually want when the WG is done.
Manu Sporny: Please read through the document with that in mind.
John Tibbetts: The use cases for education are a less compelling. "i think a solid claim about something like an electonic transcript" might be a scenario to add
Manu Sporny: Looking for a scenario in section 4.1 where issuer is focus?
Dave Longley: +1 To adding something about e-transcripts to 4.1.1
Shane McCarron: Okay that's great feedback john - thanks!
Dave Longley: +1 To adding it because it does highlight how this is different from what you can already do with things like OpenID Connect as John said
Dave Longley: Typo: "Credentials COmmunity Groups"
Dave Longley: (Errant capital 'O')
Dave Longley: (In the Intro)

Topic: Expected Timeline for VCTF Charter Review

Manu Sporny: Neither use cases or charter are set in stone until sent for offical review. read and give feedback
Shane McCarron: Thanks for the typo comment dlongley - fixed in my patch branch now
Manu Sporny: Looks like late may/early june for review
Manu Sporny: "If things go well in the socialization process"
David Ezell: Would have more confidence if Eric had joined us today - sound like a reasonable time frame. needs enough meat in it to warrant the activity
David Ezell: Also make sure there aren't any bombshells and get people in the IG to go on record in support of it
Shane McCarron: Sorry if I missed this - when are we planning to circle back with the interviewees and survey respondents?
David Ezell: "On record" really means "supportive"
Manu Sporny: Shane, yes, we are circling back around w/ them.
Manu Sporny: Will start filling out a FAQ before we go to official review
Shane McCarron: Does it make sense to try to do anyting during the F2F of the payments people in June?
David Ezell: IG expressed interest in having a F2F this summer. not sure where/when
David Ezell: Perhaps in London during 2nd week of june
David Ezell: It's a pretty good milestone to organize this around
Manu Sporny: Anything else? no? thanks all. please complete reviews by EOW