The Verifiable Claims Task Force

A Task Force of the Web Payments Interest Group

Verifiable Claims Telecon

Minutes for 2017-03-07

Adam Lake is scribing.

Topic: Status of VCWG Creation

Manu Sporny: There should be a revised charter out. W3C management has put out a new charter for review. Including a response to all the formal rejections. It went out to the mailing list.
Manu Sporny: Revised Charter is here - request for comments is open:
Manu Sporny: W3c non-members will not be able to see this. Members please be sure to read it and reply whether or not you agree. Dave is taking on responding to criticisms and doing a great job.
Matt Stone: Is Dave Raggett going to be the new contact?
Manu Sporny: You should ask reps to see why you are not being pinged on this. Matt and Richard, very important that you read through the w3c update and that the group respond in the next week.

Topic: Meeting for 2017-03-28 Cancelled

Richard Varn: We are not having a meeting on the 28th of March, chairs are not available.

Topic: IMS Badge Summit Update

Richard Varn: Who has attended the IMS(sp) badge summit? Anyone have anything to share about the summit?
Richard Varn: Nobody on the call seems to have attended the summit.
Richard Varn: Did anyone attend the Parchment Summit? I attended. it was well attended. It focused on education. It supported the work we are doing here. We are trying to coordinate with other standards bodies.
Manu Sporny: Did you Talk with Stewart while you were there?
Richard Varn: No, but I made another contact and will look that contact up and share it with the group.
Manu Sporny: We should be doing bimonthly check-ins with IMS to make sure we're synced up

Topic: RWoT Demo Status

Nate Otto: I'm IRC-only today. I'll do my assigned tickets (pull requests instead of just comments this time) ASAP.
Manu Sporny: Joe and I have not been able to talk about it yet. Out org, Digital Bazaar, is going into productions with our claims technology. We are want to create a UN card to address a refugee use case. We need to get the UN's blessing before moving forward. We are going to be demoing the technology with videos and sending those to the group.
Manu Sporny: In short we are going to be testing in demonstrating the the claims technology.
Christopher Allen: I have been working on the bitcoin DID implementation . It is currently primitive but looks good. I want to track other examples of wallets. We need to be sure as a group to talk about signature algorithms and other supporting structures for verifiable claims. I am happy to talk with anyone about these pieces before RWoT
JoeA, ChristopherA, and manu are going to meet about these topics.

Topic: Prioritizing Pull Requests

Manu Sporny: Current status of Pull requests:
Richard Varn: Of the 5 identified pull requests, which of these are priorities?
Matt Stone: Last week we talked about the life cycle of a pull request. There are some older PR's that are older and still getting a lot of activity. Some are not getting activity.
Manu Sporny: There are two PR's that I've processed as an editor. We waited a week, got a reviewer to submit a comment. We pulled the PR in anyway. If you still object, please raise an issue referencing specific text.
Manu Sporny: We don't want to delay the time it takes to get the spec text in the doc because we want to move the process along.
Manu Sporny: Joe, take a look here:
Manu Sporny: The PR's with active discussion. Joe, I said your PR(#37) was great last week but now noticed that there are a lot of comments that have not been responded to. I think it's best practice to respond to all comments and specify if a change has been made.
Joe Andrieu: That makes sense.
Manu Sporny: To be fair we did not say anything about responding to comments last week.
Adam Migus: I will consider myself pestered
Manu Sporny: We need reviewers on:
Adam Migus: And promise to take a look today and tomorrow.
Manu Sporny: The other PR is PR 38. We are waiting on Adam and Joe, or anyone else to take a look at that PR and make comments. We need reviewers on PR 38
Richard Varn: On different topic, my rep says that a new charter has not been sent out. Says he searched through the AC forum and founding nothing.
Manu Sporny: Here's the link to the W3C AC mailing list on Verifiable Claims charter:

Topic: Actions Item Review

Christopher Allen: Is there anyone else interested in moving the WoT use case forward?
Richard Varn: We have 5 items. Does anyone have anything to report?
Adam Migus: I just sent something out to the list just before this meeting.
Adam Migus: Sent 30 minutes to the public credentials list
Manu Sporny: Yes, that is the list to use.
Richard Varn: That actions item is closed, any other reports on action items?
Matt Stone: On previous topic: amigus email re: privacy:
Manu Sporny: I have assigned all the privacy sections. Anything tagged with privacy has an assignee. Nobody has more than two items. Let us know if you want to work on privacy issues.
Richard Varn: That action item is closed.
Matt Stone: What do we do with the privacy risk templates now that we have them?
Joe Andrieu: We want to apply them to Adrian Gropper's prescription use case
ACTION: JoeAndrieu to review NIST privacy template in the context of Adrian Gropper's prescription use case.
Adam Migus: I mentioned in the email that the sheets are a workflow. They are a technology solution rather than a use case solution. Eventually when we get something nearly complete we can get in touch with NIST.
Manu Sporny: +1 To that!
Christopher Allen: BTW, Adrian & andrieu: The final coala/consent paper from the last RWoT is out, and it has a medical use case in it:
Manu Sporny: The purpose of the NIST worksheet is a pretty heavy tool. The privacy sections are more lightweight. We don't need to apply the NIST worksheet to our work.
Adam Migus: There are materials in the NIST worksheets that are useful. Agree with Manu that they are heavy. There is a catalogue of of harms and other sections that are very useful on the NIST sheets. It's a good idea to read them.

Topic: Suggestions for Next Meeting Agenda

Christopher Allen: I would like to see some more discussion of the WoT use case with solid examples.
Manu Sporny: We are going to start running out of things to talk about if people don't contribute more to the spec.
Manu Sporny: DO NOT CORRELATE flag for the data model:
Jonathan Holt: Probably just as useful as robots.txt file, but at least it exists
Manu Sporny: Do not correlate flag as part of the data model. Europe is potentially passing legislation in this area.
Christopher Allen: is the GDPR official website
Christopher Allen: GDPR is definately a topic of #RWoT in Paris
Joe Andrieu: I was getting the agenda as a cc. I joined the list and have not been getting the agenda for the last two weeks
Abbas Ali: I got the agenda on Friday
Richard Varn: It is sent to the wc3 credentials group.
Christopher Allen: BTW, the registration page for #RWoT Paris on April 19th is
Matt Stone: Adam's note went to: and agenda went to:
Adam Migus: I sent the PRAM sheets to public-credentials which is where I recieve the agrendas from...
Manu Sporny: All email should now be going to:
Manu Sporny: For whatever reason the agenda did not make it to that list, but it should have. It's probably stuck in w3c.
Adam Migus: I did get a roadblock asking me to accept that my email would be archived. Once i said 'yes' to that, the message went through
Nathan George: I believe it did come through with the subject of "Verifiable Claims Telecon Minutes for 2017-03-07"
Manu Sporny: Everyone needs to be registered with W3C with the appropriate email address or you won't get the emails.
Adam Migus: I have a new email roadblock--need to agree to have email archived. If you have not agreed to this you may not be getting emails.
Richard Varn: Agenda items for next week 1) do not correlate flag 2) RWoT demo
Christopher Allen: Everyone is welcome to come to the Rebooting Web of Trust conference in Paris starting April 18th.
Christopher Allen: We are talking about the implementation side as well, wallet intersection of DID's and Claims. Lets go over some of the examples in the next meeting.
Manu Sporny: To address something ChristopherA. We have near production ready work for DID's. It uses a protocol to move the verifiable claims around using DID'd. We are very close to a production ready system.
Manu Sporny: I am happy to take people through a demo during the next meeting. We don't want it to be a product demo, we want it to be a capabilities demo.
Christopher Allen: It's worthwhile to have screenshots but am concerned it will derail things if we get too deeply into the details. I prefer a use case would address thinks like what is missing from It would be great to see those screenshots. We should reach out to others to see the demos.
Manu Sporny: +1 To inviting the uPort team to talk/demo.
Christopher Allen: Joe has ben working at the RWoT on a specific model around refugees. That is fairly well developed. Separately from that is general PGP stuff and replicating that. I am going basic to reproduce what PGP did.
Christopher Allen: Here is the use case side of WoT
ACTION: Manu to invite uPort to group to talk/demo their work.
Christopher Allen: Here is the data side: