SmartList Remote Maintainers Guide

Last updated $Date: 2016/05/12 13:04:52 $ by $Author: ted $

Web interface

The Web interface is the recommended way to administer W3C-hosted mailing lists.

There are several requirements to use the Web interface:

Handling [Moderator Action] messages

If your mailing list is closed and a non-subscriber sends a message , you, as the maintainer, will get back a message with the following subject header:

Subject: [Moderator Action] original subject

If this is a valid message for your list, you should forward it to the list using the "bounce" or "resend" command of your email client. Smartlist will remove the [Moderator Action] prefix and the message will appear to come from the original sender (and not from you). Some custom X-headers will be set to indicate you forwarded the mail.

Your contribution is needed here if you had to do something special with your mail client program to bounce a message.

E-mail command interface

W3C lists can also be administered using an e-mail command interface, but the Web interface documented above is much easier to use. The email command interface is generally not enabled for W3C lists; contact sysreq if you need it enabled.

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