About the Web Platform Working Group

Information about the Web Platform Working Group, known as the WebPlat WG.

What we do


We produce standards that are protected by the W3C Royalty-free Patent Policy. This ensures that W3C standards will remain free for everyone to use, now and in the future.

Our Publication Status page and Unitas dashboard have information about each of the WebPlat WG specifications, including links to the relevant GitHub repositories.

Who we are

The WebPlat WG co-chairs are Chaals McCathie Nevile (Yandex), Léonie Watson (The Paciello Group), and Marcos Cáceres (Mozilla).

The W3C team contacts for the WebPlat WG are Yves Lafon, Fuqiao Xue and Xiaoqian Wu.

We have more than 150 participants from organisations around the world.

Get involved

We welcome comments and discussion from the web community, on GitHub and our email lists.

We also welcome new members to WebPlat WG.

Our email lists

We use the public-webapps email for general discussions. We also have email lists for discussing specific topics:

Our meetings

We post agendas and minutes for all WebPlat WG meetings.

Our charter

Chartered from to .