Intent to Migrate: <feature name or short change description>

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Supporter emails,


Link to proposal (preferably in a github repository). You should have at least an unofficial proposal in hand and/or have discussed the API within the HTML Incubator Community Group before sending an intent to standardize. If your proposal is not yet at this stage of maturity, feel free to solicit feedback informally on discourse instead. You may be asked to create a github repository if there isn't one.


Give a high-level description of your proposal.

Motivation and Use Cases

Explain why the web needs this change. It may be useful to describe what web developers are forced to do without it. Include links to back up your claims, including data.

Compatibility Risk

Please characterize how much we might regret standardizing this new feature were we to change or remove it in the future. If you don’t have a github repository, include in this email links to relevant discussions, or documentation about support for the feature on the Web.

Ongoing technical constraints

What technical constraints will be added to user agents implementing this feature?

Will this feature be supported in all environments (desktop, mobile, tablets, TV, eBooks, automotive, etc.)?

Yes or no. If no, explain why certain user agents will not be included in your implementation.

Link to implementation experience and demos

If your proposal has implementation experience or demos, please provide links, including common patterns in deployed libraries. Otherwise, indicate if there are none.


What data do you have available that indicates that this enhancement will affect many users of the Web. Quantify the fraction of websites that are currently using something similar to this feature. Or, if a new feature, characterize the reason that you expect this to be far reaching.

Security and Privacy

Outline the security and privacy implications of your proposal for end-users. Otherwise, indicate if there are none.


Outline the implications of your proposal relative to access by everyone regardless of disability. Otherwise, indicate if there are none.


Outline the implications of your proposal when used with different languages, scripts, and cultures. Otherwise, indicate if there are none.

(this form was largely inspired from Blink Intent to Implement and Ship templates)

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