DRAFT Credible Web: Solution Landscape


Potential approaches to increasing web credibility via data sharing


Self-Report (1st Party)

Annotation (3rd Party)

Corroboration (Claim-Based Systems, Fact-Checking)

Reputation (Trust Networks)

Out Of Scope

  1. Specifying quality metrics or certification standards for journalistic practice or other content providers
  2. Assessment of credibility content or sources, beyond examples and test data used for development and education
  3. Developing algorithms or constructing machine-learning training sets to enable machines to assess credibility of content or sources
  4. Any technology which disempowers end-users or is likely to lead to increased censorship
  5. New data formats, APIs, or cryptosystems. (Instead, we will support reuse of existing standards like JSON-LD.)
  6. Assessing “hate speech” and other “conversational health” issues outside of credibility

Related Technologies