CSV on the Web Repository

The Past

This repository was originally used by W3C’s CSV on the Web Working Group. The group has defined and published 7 documents, namely:

  1. CSV on the Web: A Primer
  2. Model for Tabular Data and Metadata on the Web
  3. Metadata Vocabulary for Tabular Data
  4. Generating JSON from Tabular Data on the Web
  5. Generating RDF from Tabular Data on the Web
  6. Embedding Tabular Metadata in HTML
  7. Use Cases and Requirements

The group was chaired by Jeni Tennison and Dan Brickley. The W3C staff contact was Ivan Herman. The group completed its work in February 2016, and is officially closed in March 2016.

The repository includes a final release, representing the status of the repository when the Working Group was closed.

The Present

After the closure of the Working Group the activity around CSV (and, in more general, tabular) data on the Web has been taken up by the CSV on the Web Community Group. All discussions on new possible features, implementation experiences, possible issues, etc, are conducted in that community group, which is open to everyone. Although the Community Group is not allowed to make changes on the official documents, this repository is used for issue management, new documents, experimentations, etc. If you are interested by this area, please join the Community Group!