Editing on the Web, currently done through hacks sitting on top of contentEditable, is generally acknowledged by all practitioners as a nightmare.

The goal of this task force is:

To spec and standardize the behavior of contenteditable=true and existing editing APIs.

To create a simpler alternative to contentEditable=true, which creates primitives to allow for the creation of full-featured editing systems using JavaScript.


The endgame for this group is to produce specifications that enable the creation of useful editing systems on the Web, without requiring the many ugly hacks that are in common use today.

This covers multiple aspects, which include most notably:

Deliverables are expected to be shipped as joint publications by both groups.


This task force is designed to make participation relatively easy for people not currently involved in the standards process (typically, developers of editing tool libraries) who may not be amenable to signing up to the sort of "firehose" discussion that can be found in, for instance, the main Web Platform list.

The decision and consensus policy is the same as that which applies in the entire Web Platform group.

The group will use the Consortium's public-editing-tf mail list for techical discussions.