Filing an Issue

This guide will walk you through the process of reporting a bug or suggesting a feature request on our issue tracker on GitHub.

Despite all our efforts, bug happens! Unfortunately, sometimes we will not notice a bug until a user reports it to the issue tracker. That user can be you! By helping us to realize what’s wrong, you’ll help everyone to get a quicker fix!

We use the issue tracker of the project’s GitHub repository to collect all the bug reports and feature requests.

§ Reporting a bug

To report a bug, create a new issue on the issue tracker.

To verify the issue, we must be able to understand it, and reproduce it. To help us in that process, please make sure your issue description contains the following information:

  • current behavior: write a clear and concise desscription of what the bug is
  • expected bheavior: write a clear and concise description of what you expected to happen
  • steps to reproduce the bug: give a detailed list of the steps to reproduce the buggy behavior. Bonus point if you can share a test file, these usually help us tremendously. And extra bonus point if it is based on a minimal EPUB template!
  • (optionally) envisioned solution: if you have an idea about a possible solution, please share it with us, do not be shy!
  • (optionally) additional context: share as many contextual details as you think are relevant to help us understand or reproduce the bug. Useful information may include the version of EPUBCheck, the version of the Java runtime, the name and version of your operating system, etc.

§ Suggesting a new feature or improvement

To report a bug, create a new issue on the issue tracker.

Please give us the following information:

  • motivation: is your suggestion related to a concrete problem you have? Please describe it!
  • suggested feature: write a clear an concise description of the improvement you’d like to happen
  • example: give us examples of how the new feature would be used, or how it would improve upon the current situation
  • additional context: share any other context that is relevant to your feature request