Getting Help

If you encounter any doubts or problems when using EPUBCheck, do not worry! We’ve all been there… In fact you can probably get help using one of the following ways:

  • Check the docs! It may sound trite, but you may find the answer to your question in these very docs. For example, our troubleshooting guide may contain the right answer to that pesky command line error, or the message reference may help you understand the meaning of that EPUBCheck message that was tricky to interprete! But we understand if you could not find the answer to your question here. Fortunately, there are other ways to get help…
  • Ask #eprdctn on Twitter. The #eprdctn community is an informal group of thoughtful folks who work in the digital publishing field (from all over the world). Someone there may well be able to help you!
  • Ask on StackOverflow or on the Ebooks Stack Exchange. Questions there often get a useful answer!
  • Finally, if the problem looks like a bug (we’re sorry about that!), or if you’d like to start a discussion about a feature request, please file an issue on Github!