Encoding specification Disposition of Comments for CR period, October 2016

CR document: http://www.w3.org/TR/encoding/

Editor's draft: http://encoding.spec.whatwg.org/

Github issue list: https://github.com/whatwg/encoding/issues/

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76 Editorial style nits domenic o       e  
75 Confusion between Big5 and Big5-HKSCS encodings bhaible o       ?  
74 Confusion between KOI8-U and KOI8-RU encodings bhaible o       ?  
73 windows-1255 encoding: add mapping for 0xCA bhaible c a   windows-1255 map 0xCA to U+05BA i !
72 Add Streams support annevk o       ?  
10 Clarify scope of document in preface nigelmegitt c a s point out utf-8/utf-16be/utf-16le encoder equivalence with the Unicode standard e -
11 The title of the document needs to be more than one (commonly used) word dswinger c r u none e -
12 Signaling EOF in the streaming case is unspecified (or too unclear) hsivonen c a clarify how decode() handles end-of-stream ? -
13 Streaming should be a flag on the decoder instead of being a flag on the decode() call hsivonen c a clarify how decode() handles end-of-stream ? -
14 Add do not flush flag to encode API, accept DOMString inexorabletash c r none - -
15 iso-2022-jp encoder XSS risks t-tera c a s Fix #15: prevent ISO-2022-JP encoder attack #34 s c
16 UTf7 supports lygstate c r none - -
17 "gb18030 ranges" have problematic definitions peteroupc c a Fix #17: gb18030 cannot encode U+E5E5 s c
18 Consider removing TextEncoder support for UTF-16 hsivonen c a Fix #18: remove UTF-16 support from TextEncoder s api
19 Unclear text in utf-8 decoder r12a c a s reword utf-8 decoder step to avoid extra parenthesis e -
20 Clarify result of division in algorithms r12a c a s rather than relying on integer division, use floor() e -
21 Treatment of U+2022 is incorrect in Shift_JIS, EUC-JP and ISO-2022-JP jungshik c a Japanese encoders have special treatment for U+2212, not U+2022 s c
22 GB 18030 2000 vs 2005 jungshik c a align with GB18030-2005 s c
24 BufferSource is not specified phistuck c r s none - -
27 Remove the last 14 characters PUA of GB18030-2005 lygstate o r Reopened none ? -
28 What's the correct choice for BIG5 F9FE? lygstate c q none - -
29 Introduce "output encoding" annevk c a s introduce output encoding for URL and HTML forms s !
31 SHIFT_JISX0213 are not supported lygstate c r none - -
32 Consider making the DOM name the canonical name hsivonen c a use the encoding name exposed by DOM and HTML <form> Editorial no change
33 Replacement encoding should handle empty input better annevk c a s handle empty input better for the replacement decoder e !
40 Adding BRF as "legacy" single-byte encoding for braille sthibaul c r none - -
42 utf-8 decoder lead byte switch branches 0xE0 to 0xEF, 0xF0 to 0xF4 need 'return continue' inexorabletash c a s Fix regression in utf-8 decoder #45 e -
47 index-jis0208.txt should be JIS X 0208 and add another index file takahashim o   e
49 Group constants together in half-width math hsivonen c a s Editorial: avoid upsetting lazy compilers e unchanged
50 Editorial: Add a note about duplicates to "index Shift_JIS pointer" #50 hsivonen c a Editorial: point out that Shift_JIS contains duplicate code points e -
51 Editorial: Exclude index entries instead of just pointers #51 hsivonen c a Editorial: make it clearer what index pointer exclusion means e -
52 Editorial optimization: Move EUDC before index lookup #52 hsivonen c a Handle EUDC before the index in Shift_JIS e c
53 Please double-check the end of the EUDC range #53 hsivonen c a Correct Shift_JIS EUDC range s c
63 Editorial: Clean up gb18030 math hsivonen c a Editorial: make gb18030 math more clear e
64 Correct [Exposed] syntax ms2ger c a Correct IDL Exposed syntax e
66 In equations, all numbers are integers, additio... ricea o a e
67 URL parsing HTML form submission ricea c a Editorial: add "and" to note e
68 Add UTF-7 to replacement encoding list? jungshik o   ?
69 TextEncoder#encode - write to existing Uint8Array maciejhirsz o   ?
70 Consider adding "replacement" as a label for the replacement encoding hsivonen o   ?