Links for content authors & developers

This page points to useful information for content authors & developers who want to know more about internationalization.


Authoring HTML & CSS
Do's and dont's, with links to explanations and examples, and links to useful documents.
Authoring SVG & XML
These are less well developed than the HTML/CSS version. We welcome volunteers to improve them.
Article list
A short-cut to the articles and tutorials the W3C i18n WG produces.
i18n test suite
Test results with links to the tests themselves.


i18n checker
Run your pages through this checker to see if there are any issues.
Language subtag lookup
Find or check language tags and subtags. Uses the latest BCP47 data. (non-W3C)
Find characters, analyse text, view Unicode character blocks, etc. (non-W3C)
Other tools
Review comments we are tracking.


@webi18n on twitter
i18n home page
Article development pipeline
See what educational material we're currently working on, and what's out for review.