Summarized test results:
Bidi algorithm

These tests check whether user agents apply the basic Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm (UBA) to text. In particular they test isolation when using RLI, LRI, or FSI, ... PDI, and bracket balancing.

To see the test, click on the link in the left-most column. To see detailed results for a single test, click on a row and look just above the table. The detailed results show the date(s) the test result was recorded, and the version of the browser tested.

Any dependencies are shown in notes above the table, and notes below the table will usually provide any additional useful information, including an explanation of why a result was marked as 'partially successful'.


pass fail partially successful

Isolating formatting characters


  1. Edge not only fails all these tests, but it also displays the formatting characters as small rectangles.

Isolation from following number

Isolation from preceding number

Isolation from following text

Isolation from preceding text

Isolation from surrounding text

Balancing brackets

Paired characters

Unpaired characters


  1. This test is only relevant if the tests in the previous section pass. It checks whether the paired characters become unbalanced when you change one of the pair. The expected result is the default result for unbalanced brackets, so browsers that failed the previous tests are likely to pass this.