Summarized test results:
Custom counter styles

Intended audience: users, HTML coders, script developers, CSS coders, Web project managers, and anyone who wants to know user agents correctly apply predefined counter styles to list-style-type.

These tests check whether user agents already support by default the predefined counter styles for list-style-type described by the document Custom Counter Styles, which does not contain normative requirements, but is simply intended to provide useful advice and support to developers. The majority of the styles as defined in the document do not have to be followed to the letter.

A few styles are defined as part of the CSS3 Counter Styles specification. They are repeated here but can also be found, with slightly more detail, in the test results for that spec.

To see the test, click on the link in the left-most column. To see detailed results for a single test, click on a row and look just above the table. The detailed results show the date(s) the test result was recorded, and the version of the browser tested.

Any dependencies are shown in notes above the table, and notes below the table will usually provide any additional useful information, including an explanation of why a result was marked as 'partially successful'.


pass fail partially successful


Remember that the descriptions of styles in the specification are advisory rather than requirements, and may in some cases be incorrect. These tests, nevertheless, assess the implementations against what is currently in the document. In some cases, a test result may become positive in the future either because the implementation was changed or because the spec was changed.

Note that these test results are for released versions of the browsers tested. Versions that are still in development may provide better support for these features. The tests do not use any vendor prefixes. Tests that do show support for vendor prefixes are listed further down this page.

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