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CSS Text, Line-breaking

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These tests are all exploratory. They explore the default line-breaking behavior of characters against the expectations in the Unicode Standard, version 10. With a very few exceptions, the CSS3 Text specification leaves it up to the browser to decide how these characters should behave. In many cases, the behaviour may depend on context. These tests check how the browsers handle the various line break related characters by default.

The two-letter abbreviations are conventions for property names in the Unicode Standard. For more information about expected line break behavior and line break classes, see Unicode Standard Annex #14 Line Breaking Properties.

Break after (BA)

These tests are exploratory. In all these tests, one would expect a line to break after the character being tested, because they have the BA (Break After) property.

Other punctuation

These tests are exploratory. Characters with the OP (Open Parenthesis) property should not appear as the last character on a line. Characters with the CL (Close Parenthesis) and NS (Non-Starter) properties should not appear at the start of a line, and should therefore move to the next line with the character that precedes them rather than appear at the end of a line.