W3C Inclusion and Diversity Community Group open office hours

We want people with different experiences and perspectives to become part of the W3C, because without diverse voices in every part of our community we cannot lead the web to its full potential.

One way we hope to do this is by inviting people from under-represented communities to stop by and chat with members of the W3C community. We've borrowed the "open office hours" idea from colleges and universities where instructors set aside time each week to talk with their students. Members of the W3C Inclusion and Diversity Community Group (IDCG) are holding open office hours to chat with people from under-represented groups who would like to know more about the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and how to get involved, but do not know where to start.

Code of conduct

As with all W3C activities, everyone who takes part in these open office hours is expected to follow the W3C Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct (CEPC).

Arranging time to speak with our volunteers

Each volunteer has a preferred way to manage their time and arrange times to talk with people. The following table lists our volunteers and their preferred contact methods.

Inclusion and Diversity office hours volunteers and contact methods
Name Expertise/function Time Contact Notes
Dan Appelquist Web architecture, api design, privacy, web applications, ethical web, general w3c and standards See openings in Calendly Calendly
Zoë Bijl Accessibility, ARIA, Authoring Practices nth Thursday of the month e-mail or Twitter Happy to talk in either English or Dutch
Judy Brewer W3C WAI Director e-mail
Emmanuelle Gutiérrez y Restrepo W3C Invited Expert since 1997, involved in different groups Wednesdays between 10.30AM and 1.30PM, or between 3PM and 8PM CET Skype (my username is Sinarmaya) Happy to talk in English or Spanish
Marisa DeMeglio Accessibility, Publishing e-mail
Dominique Hazaël-Massieux WebRTC, Immersive Web, Machine Learning, developers input,  W3C Community Groups, Web & Networks Mornings CET; other times on request e-mail I can take calls in English and French
Jeff Jaffe 1. General expertise. 2. Member of IDCG. Member of PWECG. 3. Ombuds Monday-Thursday roughly 8 AM - 10 PM ET. Friday, 8AM - 2PM ET e-mail
Anssi Kostiainen Chairing, tech incubation, community creation, W3C workshops, W3C Process demystification. Fridays 7:00-3:00 UTC+0 on request e-mail or DM
Charles 'chaals' Nevile W3C staff, WG and CG Chair, Lots of Working Groups, W3C Advisory Committee rep, W3C Advisory Board My working hours cover the entire clock so I can find a time: please ask email Happy in English. Je parle Français. Hablo Español.
Theresa O’Connor TAG participant; Privacy CG and HTML WG chair; CSS, WebApps, and WHATWG participant Wednesdays email Email to confirm availability
Wendy Reid Chair, Publishing Working Group, Editor for Audiobooks, Publishing Wednesdays email Email to confirm availability, schedule is flexible
Florian Rivoal CSS, W3C Advisory Board, W3C Process See openings in Harmonizely Harmonizely Happy to talk in French, English, or Japanese
Tzviya Siegman Publishing@W3C, W3C Advisory Board, Accessiblity contact me to schedule e-mail Email to confirm availability
Mateus Teixeira Publishing@W3C 1st & 3rd Friday every month, 12-1pm Eastern Time e-mail Email to confirm availability
Léonie Watson Accessibility, HTML, and web application activities, plus being on the Advisory Board, also the Advisory Board and Advisory Committee Fridays Léonie's Calendly or Twitter (DM are open) You can use Calendly to book time one week in advance