The JSON-LD Test Suite is a set of tests that can be used to verify JSON-LD Processor conformance to the set of specifications that constitute JSON-LD. The goal of the suite is to provide an easy and comprehensive JSON-LD testing solution for developers creating JSON-LD Processors.

More information and an RDFS definition of the test vocabulary can be found at vocab.


Tests driven from a top-level manifest and are defined into compact, expand, flatten, remote-doc, fromRdf, and toRdf sections:

Unless processingMode is set explicitly in a test entry, processingMode is compatible with both json-ld-1.0 and json-ld-1.1.

Test results that include a context input presume that the context is provided locally, and not from the referenced location, thus the results will include the content of the context file, rather than a reference.

JSON-LD Object comparison

If algorithms are invoked with the ordered flag set to true, simple JSON Object comparison may be used, as the order of all arrays will be preserved (except for fromRdf, unless the input quads are also ordered). If ordered is false, then the following algorithm will ensure arrays other than values of @list are compared without regard to order.

JSON-LD Object comparison compares JSON objects, arrays, and values recursively for equality.

Note that some tests require re-expansion and comparison, as list values may exist as values of properties that have @container: @list and the comparison algorithm will not consider ordering significant.

Running tests

The top-level manifest references the specific test manifests, which in turn reference each test associated with a particular type of behavior. Implementations create their own infrastructure for running the test suite. In particular, the following should be considered:


If you would like to contribute a new test or a fix to an existing test, please follow these steps:

  1. Notify the JSON-LD mailing list, public-json-ld-wg@w3.org, that you will be creating a new test or fix and the purpose of the change.
  2. Clone the git repository: git://github.com/w3c/json-ld-wg.git
  3. Make your changes and submit them via github, or via a ‘git format-patch’ to the JSON-LD Working Group mailing list.