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This document has links to documents discussed on the public-i18n-mongolian mailing list in discussions related to standardisation of Mongolian variant forms. For more information see Mongolian variant forms.

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Andrew West Examples of Baluda and Triple Baluda usage 2015-08-05  
Badral Sanlig уруулийн дөрвөн эгшиг 2015-09-28  
Badral Sanlig 1822 variants 2015-10-12  
Badral Sanlig 1824/26 with drop 2015-10-15  
Greg Eck DS00 Standard Mongolian MVS model 2015-07-08 previous versions: 2015-06-29, 2015-07-04
Greg Eck DS00 Standard Mongolian NNBSP model 2015-07-08 previous versions: 2015-06-29, 2015-07-04, 2015-07-15
Greg Eck DS01 Mongolian Head Forms, Positional Forms, & Variant Forms 2016-04-10 previous versions: 2015-09-12, 2015-08-10
Greg Eck DS04 Mongolian MVS Connected AE 2015-07-08 previous versions: 2015-07-04
Greg Eck DS05 Mongolian NNBSP Connected Suffixes 2015-07-08 updated 2015-07-15, 2015-07-04
Greg Eck Examples of Baluda and Triple Baluda usage 2015-08-01  
Greg Eck U+1880-U+1884 in Word 2015-08-02  
Greg Eck FVS mismatch (.doc) 2015-08-02  
Greg Eck Rules for 4 Overrides 2015-08-30

commented on by Jirimutu on 2015-08-25

previous versions: 2015-08-14

Greg Eck DS11 Mongolian Final GA Test Data 2015-08-23  
Greg Eck DS12 Mongolian Medial GA Test Data 2015-08-23  
Greg Eck Isolate comparison between fonts 2015-10-03 previous versions: 2015-09-28, 2015-09-26
Greg Eck Mongolian consonant-vowel ligatures 2015-10-09  
Jirimutu MVS Model discussion 2015-07-12 2015-07-05, 2015-07-07, 2015-07-09
Jirimutu NNBSP Model discussion 2015-07-07  
Jirimutu Examples of Ambiguity in spelling - Mongol, odo 2015-08-04  
Jirimutu Examples of Ambiguity in spelling - bicig, sayiqan (2x), naima 2015-08-04  
Jirimutu Issues in teaching and the usage of the Mongolian I 2015-08-04 previous versions: 2015-08-04
Jirimutu Mongolian Unicode FVS assignment Basic Principles 2015-08-05  
Jirimutu FVS Assignment for QA/GA (.doc) 2015-08-08  
Jirimutu FVS Final A E Requirement 2015-08-08  
Jirimutu About the Mongolian Diphthong 2015-08-10

translation of 关于蒙古文书面语双元音的思考

previous versions: 2015-08-09

Jirimutu FVS Discussion Frame 05-Aug-15  
Jirimutu Medial & Final GA exceptions 24-Aug-15  
Jirimutu GB25914 pages 2015-09-13  
Jirimutu Mongolian alphabet 2015-09-29  
Jirimutu Qqir 2015-10-19  
Jirimutu Sibe/Manchu isolates 2015-10-05  
Jirimutu Inner Mongolian Normal University diphthongs & translation 2015-11-17 previous versions: 2015-10-27
Jirimutu 1867 final 2015-11-02  
Jirimutu Mongolia Educational Publishing House diphthongs 2015-11-04 previous versions: 2015-11-03
Jirimutu Professor Bateer of Social Academy of Inner Mongolia (内蒙古社会科学院) diphthongs 2015-11-17 previous versions: 2015-11-12
Kamal Mansour Noto Sans handling of NNBSP/MVS 2105-06-10  
Liang Jinbao 关于蒙古文书面语双元音的思考 2015-08-03  
Martin Heijdra Manchu rules 2015-11-16  
Martin Heijdra Mongolian swashes 2015-11-16  
Martin Heijdra Tong wen yun tong 2015-11-16  
Michel Suignard DS01 Mongolian Base Positional Variant Forms 2015-08-28  
Myatav Erdenechimeg pictures of bui_j-a, qqir, yabui-a 2015-08-03  
Richard Ishida Styling vertical text 2015-05-26  
Richard Ishida U+202F NNBSP Impact on Mongolian Options 2015-07-29 Summary statement to UTC regarding NNBSP situation in Mongolian
Richard Ishida Shape index 2015-08-07  
SiqinBilige DS05 Mongolian NNBSP Connected Sufixes Others 2015-07-09  
SiqinBilige Usage of -dag/-deg 2015-07-15 previous versions: 2015-07-14
SiqinBilige Explanations of MVS, NNBSP and ZWNJ 2015-07-17  
SiqinBilige Na exceptions 2015-08-06  
SiqinBilige SD GA with dots 2015-08-25  
SiqinBilige Guessing the Spelling Examples 2015-08-10  
SiqinBilige Isolate comparison examples 2015-09-29  
SiqinBilige Todo long vowels 2015-10-15  
SiqinBilige Middle yi 2015-10-15  
SiqinBilige 182C initial middle 2015-10-19  
SiqinBilige Todo alphabet 2015-10-19  
SiqinBilige Manchu A E 2015-10-19  
SiqinBilige Sibe/Manchu isolate I 2015-10-19  
SiqinBilige Sibe/Manchu zha, second set 2015-10-21, -23  
SiqinBilige 1864 final 2015-10-26  
SiqinBilige 1868/69 examples 2015-10-27  
SiqinBilige Genitive dotted 1824/26 2015-11-12  
SiqinBilige Manchu MVS A E 2015-11-13  

Other reference documents

Owner Latest version Date Notes
Prof. Quejingzhabu 蒙古文编码 2000 This version is out of date. Prof. Quejingzhabu is currently working on a 9th edition.
Unicode Consortium Standardized Variants 2015-05-19 This document is problematic and the Mongolian variants discussion aims to provide the information for its update.
Aaron Bell, Greg Eck, Andrew Glass Proposal to update the code charts for Mongolian (L2/14-031) 2014-01-20 This is out of date. See DS001 above.
Asmus Freytag Mongolian Unicode Project Home Page 2004-11-12 Contains a list of additional reference documents.