The grace object

Type: Dictionary

A grace object encodes grace notes. Its "content" contains the note data.

Within "content", each inner event's "value" encodes the visual rhythmic appearance of the grace note — e.g., "/8" for an eighth note.

Any direction content that lacks a location attribute and lives within a grace object is considered to be in alignment with the following event, even though grace notes in the same run technically share the same measure location.


Name Type Required? Description
"class" style class object No An optional style class to use for this object and all child objects.
"color" color object No An optional color to be used when rendering this object and all child objects.
"content" An array of event objects Yes
"graceType" grace type object No The kind of grace notes to use. The default value is "stealPrevious".
"slash" boolean object No Whether grace notes are notated with a slash.

The default value (true) specifies a slash, indicating that the grace notes are displayed with a diagonal stroke and are to be performed quickly and not in their notated rhythm. Otherwise, they are performed with the notated note values according to the performance characteristics given by "graceType".
"type" The string "grace" Yes


This object is used in the following examples:

Beams (with inner grace notes), Grace note, Grace notes (beamed)