The part measure object

Type: Dictionary

The part measure object is the place to encode the musical information for a given measure in a given part. This constitutes the majority of musical content in an MNX document.


Name Type Required? Description
"beams" An array of beam objects No All beams that begin within this part-measure.

Beams that are rendered in multiple measures (i.e., beams that cross barlines) are encoded in the first measure in which they appear.
"clefs" An array of positioned clef objects No
"sequences" An array of sequence objects Yes


This object is used in the following examples:

Accidentals, Articulations, Beams, Beams (across barlines), Beams (hooks), Beams (secondary beam breaks), Beams (with inner grace notes), Clef changes, Dotted notes (augmentation dots), Grace note, Grace notes (beamed), Jumps (D.S. al Fine), Jumps (Dal Segno), Key signatures, Multimeasure rests, Multiple layouts, Multiple voices, Octave shifts (8va), Organ layout, Parts, Repeats, Repeats (more than once repeated), Repeats (with alternate endings, advanced), Repeats (with alternate endings, simple), Repeats (with implied start repeat), Rest positions, Slurs, Slurs (for chords), Slurs (incomplete slurs), Slurs (targeting specific notes), Styling elements (basic), Styling via a class (basic), Tempo markings, Three-note chord and half rest, Ties, Time signatures, Tremolos (single-note), Tuplets, Two-bar C major scale, “Hello world”