The rhythmic position object

Type: Dictionary

Describes the rhythmic position of a notational object within a bar.


Name Type Required? Description
"fraction" An array of integer (unsigned) objects Yes The rhythmic position, as a fraction. For example, "the position a quarter note's duration into a bar" would be encoded as [1, 4].
"graceIndex" integer (unsigned) object No This allows targeting of grace notes. Given that a grace note has the same rhythmic position as its target (non-grace) note, it's necessary to provide a way to distinguish between a target note and a grace note. And in the case of multiple grace notes, it's necessary to provide a way to target a specific one of them.

The graceIndex value is a non-negative integer that counts "backwards" from the target note. The target note gets graceIndex=0. The right-most grace note gets graceIndex=1. Then, going leftward from the right-most grace note, the graceIndex increments by 1 for each additional grace note.

If graceIndex isn't specified, the position should be interpreted as before all grace notes.


This object is used in the following examples:

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