The staff object

Type: Dictionary

The staff object describes the visual display of a single staff within a layout.

Generally this corresponds to a single part (from the top-level "parts" array), but MNX supports encoding multiple parts in the same staff — as might be used, for example, when combining soprano and alto vocal parts into a single staff.


Name Type Required? Description
"label" staff label object No An optional name for this staff. If provided, this should be rendered to the left of the staff.

Generally we recommend using "labelref" instead of "label", to avoid duplication of data within an MNX document.
"labelref" staff labelref object No If provided, this specifies that the corresponding part's name (or shortName) should be rendered to the left of the staff.

By using this instead of the "label" attribute, you can avoid needing to duplicate a part's name in an MNX document.
"sources" An array of staff source objects Yes
"symbol" staff symbol object No The symbol to use along the left vertical edge of this staff. If omitted, the default value is "none".

Note that parent objects might also define their own "symbol" attributes.
"type" The string "staff" Yes


This object is used in the following examples:

Multimeasure rests, Multiple layouts, Orchestral layout, Organ layout, System layouts