The system object

Type: Dictionary

The system object describes a system of notation — that is, a collection of staves that represent one or more measures across one or more parts.

This element is used in context of a "page". Each system specifies its starting measure number and can optionally specify a layout.


Name Type Required? Description
"layout" id object No An optional layout to use for this system. If provided, this should be the ID of a system-layout object in the same MNX document.

This overrides any layout specified by the parent "page" or "score" objects.
"layoutChanges" An array of layout change objects No
"measure" measure number object Yes Specifies the starting measure in this system. This corresponds to the "index" value of the measure object.


This object is used in the following examples:

Multimeasure rests, Multiple layouts, Orchestral layout, Organ layout, System layouts