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Open Screen Protocol

Open Screen Protocol Capabilities Registry

This registry lists the known protocol capabilities used in the Open Screen Protocol. An Open Screen agent uses capabilities to inform other agents which protocol messages it understands.

Capability values 1-999 are reserved for use by the Open Screen Protocol itself. They are listed here for completeness, but are more fully described in the Open Screen Protocol.

Open Screen Protocol Capabilities

Id Name Description Message Type IDs
1 receive-audio Audio Receiver 22
2 receive-video Video Receiver 23
3 receive-presentation Presentation API Receiver 14,16,104,106,109,113
4 control-presentation Presentation API Controller 15,16,103,105,107,108,110,113,121
5 receive-remote-playback Remote Playback Receiver 17,115,117,119
6 control-remote-playback Remote Playback Controller 18,20,21,114,116,118
7 receive-streaming Streaming Receiver 24
8 send-streaming Streaming Sender  

Extension Capabilities

This table lists capabilities that other parties have reserved to extend the core protocol. Each extension should reserve a range of message type IDs and/or a list of additional fields that will be added to existing Open Screen Messages. (The entry below is just an example and not an actual registered extension.)

Id Name Organization Description Message Type IDs
1000 frobinate-xyzzy FrobozzCo Adds xyzzy capability 49-51, 8193-8199