Implementation Report for the Processing of Tables of Contents

These tests, and the implementation report, refer to the “Machine-Processable Table of Contents” section of the “Publication Manifest” specification.

Test results

The implementations that have been submitted for this report are:

Test results overview

No. Test Description

Description of the individual tests

Contributing to the reports

The actions below are described as adding/modifying files; this should be understood as changes on submitter’s own copy which should then be submitted, via a Pull Request, to the test repository.

Adding a new implementation report

  1. Create a new JSON report file. The file format is simple:
    • a field $name with, as value, the name of the implementation (will be used as the column label for the results;
    • a field $description with, as value, the short description of the implementation;
    • an optional field $href with, as value, a URL to the implementation page;
    • for each implemented test add a field with the test code and a boolean value on whether the test is passed or not (remove the entry if it was not used for testing).
  2. Put the new report file into the publication_manifest/toc_processing/reports/ folder (use, preferably the name of the implementation as file name for an easier management).
  3. Modify the index.json by adding the file name of the report file without the extension.

Modifying an existing implementation report

Provide a new pull request for the updated implementation JSON file.

Adding a new test

  1. Add the new test to the publication_manifest/toc_processing/tests/ directory in this repository following the numbering scheme used in the current tests for the names.
  2. Extend the index.json file with the relevant information.