12 March 2021


AndyS, gatemezing, gkellogg, james, olaf, ora, pchampin, rivettp, TallTed, thomas
ora, pchampin

Meeting minutes

Announcements and newcomers

Daylight Saving Time (US) and Summertime (EU)

pchampin: switch happens at different times in the US and in Europe

pchampin: what would be the reference time zone?

<TallTed> typical practice for w3 work is Boston/New York, but it won't make a lot of difference for me

<TallTed> US would be an hour later (as it would be noon where it is now 11am)

<pchampin> if we stick to UTC: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=RDF%2A+call&iso=20210319T16&p1=1440&ah=1

gkellogg: W3C uses Boston time

pchampin: using European time, would be noon for Boston, 9 am for SF

pchampin: gkellogg's argument is valid, though, not to interfere with other W3C meetings

<TallTed> this just impacts the next two weeks, correct?

pchampin: yes

<thomas> gregg has the only argument, so why not take taht?

pchampin: propose to stick with US time

<pchampin> PROPOSED: stick to US time to avoid conflict with other W3C meetings

<pchampin> pchampin: +1

<thomas> +1

<gkellogg> +1


<TallTed> +1

<william> +1

<olaf> +1

<rivettp> +1

<AndyS> +1

<james> +0

gkellogg: strong push in the US to eliminate DST

pchampin: we will stick with the US time

Resolution: stick to US time to avoid conflict with other W3C meetings

pchampin: next week 1 hr earlier for Europeans

SPARQL-eval test suite

<pchampin> PR: https://github.com/w3c/rdf-star/pull/114

andys: no such things as finished test suite

andys: generally good coverage now

andys: syntax tests updated

pchampin: we must reach out to implementors

<gkellogg> My implementations pass all the tests.

andys: I would like to merge now

<pchampin> PROPOSED: merge PR 114 befor advertising the test suite to implementers

<gkellogg> +1

<pchampin> +1

<TallTed> +1


<AndyS> +1

<thomas> +1

<james> +1

<olaf> +1

<rivettp> +1

<william> +

<william> (sorry)

<william> +

<william> +1

Resolution: merge PR 114 befor advertising the test suite to implementers

<william> (numlock was off :-)

gkellogg: we might consider publishing an implementation report early

gkellogg: I have tooling to check

<pchampin> example: https://w3c.github.io/json-ld-api/reports/

andys: if we get good coverage we should publish

pchampin: sounds like a good idea

pchampin: will add a link to the spec

<TallTed> EARL is common (probably best, probably not only) practice for implementation reports these days.

<TallTed> per-test results are optimal for CR->PR->TR, and probably also for CG->Report->WG

Action: gkellogg to make a PR for the implementation report

pchampin: we should make an announcement

andys: could someone check the HTML manifest?

gkellogg: to check that the HTML manifest covers all?

andys: yes, the HTML manifest is generated from Turtle

andys: set of tests does not prove your implementation

pchampin: we should be careful to avoid any statements about completeness

pchampin: this is work in progress

pchampin: raise awareness on the mailing list

pchampin: any other channels?

andys: give people the chance to look before we go to a wider audience

<james> i do not necessarily intend to exercise the test suite before the report is complete

gkellogg: other groups' impl. reports are not necessarily frozen, late entries are accepted

pchampin: nothing is frozen

pchampin: why not use it early?

pchampin: I will email the list

pchampin: there are discussions on the list about function descriptions, should we discuss?

james: we can use the list

Define a URI for the class of embedded triples

pchampin: what namespace?

not ideal to proliferate namespaces

changing an IRI later does not work well

we do not, however, have the authority to change RDF

ora: why is proliferation of namespaces bad?
… easy to create an RDF-star namespace

andys: how much would go to a new namespace?

andys: if it is very few things, might not be worth it

gkellogg: comes down to the question about the purpose of this CG

gkellogg: if we are creating a new spec, makes sense to have a new namespace

gkellogg: if it is to advise other groups, then maybe not

gkellogg: if there is going to be a new RDF WG, then our work is considered an experiment

gkellogg: we can invent new IRIs, we just don't have the authority change RDF, etc.

thomas: semantics not stable

thomas: so perhaps not a good idea to use the RDF namespace

thomas: more prudent to use an RDF* namespace

pchampin: the whole spec is unstable

pchampin: nothing will be fixed until we reach a stable state

thomas: semantics unproven for now

ora: the rdf vs.rdfs issue is historical
… there was 2 different groups
… retrospectiveley, it was unfortunate

andys: missed thomas' point: what is tied to semantics

andys: i am looking at the effect on users

andys: I suggest we say "we propose that..."

gkellogg: RDFa added stuff

ora: RDF namespaces are fixed

gkellogg: any WG is authorized to update namespaces

gkellogg: CG is input WGs

ora: I doubt that it's true that any WG is authorized to change the RDF namespace

gkellogg: we did in the JSON-LD WG, figured this out with Ivan Herman

<TallTed> WGs can change W3 namespaces, *upon approval by W3 Management*, which is not automatic but is typically granted with suitable justification from the WG

gkellogg: we did discuss whether the JSON datatype should be in the RDF NS

ora: feels strange; changing the NS is invalidating the spec

AndyS: this is an addition, not a change

ora: but implementation may enforce the notion that RDF and RDFS namespaces are fixed

TallTed: enforcing something that is not fixed is an implementation error

gkellogg: JSON-LD process was to ask for comments from the community first

gkellogg: very little feedback

gkellogg: no evidence of implementations breaking

thomas: what if semantics change? We define a new term/

gkellogg: RDF 1.1 does not have plain literals

william: Notation3 CG made the decision to reuse old namespaces

william: we did not want to add namespaces

william: TimBL said to go ahead

<pchampin> STRAWPOLL: put our IRI(s) in the RDF namespace

<gkellogg> +1

<pchampin> +1


<rivettp> +1

<james> +1

<thomas> -1

<AndyS> +1

<william> +0

<olaf> +0

<TallTed> +0

no consensus

pchampin: polite thing to do is to seek broader feedback

andys: if something is controversial it is a good idea to make sure people pay attention

andys: (anecdote about John McCarthy)

Summary of action items

  1. gkellogg to make a PR for the implementation report

Summary of resolutions

  1. stick to US time to avoid conflict with other W3C meetings
  2. merge PR 114 befor advertising the test suite to implementers
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