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To update this list, please submit a pull request to the Github repository, or contact the public mailing list (public-rdf-star@w3.org).

For the list of submitted implementation reports see RDF-star Processor Conformance.

AllegroGraph mailing list PG mode, in the works
AnzoGraph documentation PG mode
BlazeGraph documentation PG mode
Corese documentation PG mode
EYE implementation report
GraphDB documentation
Apache Jena implementation report, documentation
Eclipse rdf4j documentation
Morph-KGC github, documentation RML-star
Oxigraph implementation reports: Rio Turtle, SPARQL
RDF.ex implementation report, documentation
rdfjs/N3.js github
RubyRDF implementation reports: RDF::TriG, SPARQL
Stardog documentation PG mode
TopBraid EDG blog post PG mode with custom annotation syntax