Transfer a repository to the W3C GitHub organization

This document describes how to transfer a repository to the W3C GitHub organization.

See also general information about GitHub repo transfer.

  1. Make sure the W3C GitHub organization doesn't already have a repository with the same name. If the name is already taken, the owner will need to rename the repository first
  2. The repository owner initiates the transfer. This is done via the repo settings (see screen shot below):
    • if the owner is a W3C staff, they can transfer the repository directly to the W3C organization
    • if the owner is an individual that cannot create new repository under the W3C organization, they need to transfer the repository to a W3C staff who will then transfer to the organization
    • if the owner is another organization, a W3C staff first needs to join the organization as an owner or admin of the repository to make the transfer and that staff will issue the transfer to the W3C organization

Once the tansfer is done, the next steps vary depending on the nature of the repository (specifications development or tooling).