Silver Accessibility Guidelines

The Silver Task Force and the W3C Silver Community Group are performing the preliminary work for the successor to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2. The guidelines will have a new name that reflects the anticipated broader scope beyond web content. This repository contains resources developed by the Silver Task Force, part of the Accessibility Guidelines Working Group, and the Silver Community Group.


  • General information on Silver - The Silver wiki is the central hub of Silver information including news, background information, and participation information (leaves Github platform).
  • Silver Requirements - A W3C Community Group report that states the basic direction for Silver development. It is the first of 3 planned drafts of the Silver Requirements.
  • Index of Silver Prototypes - Includes directions for submitting new prototypes
  • Comment on Silver by creating an issue in Github. Select the New Issue button, or read existing issues.
  • Or, comment by sending an email to the Silver email list