This document is intended to help Chairs and Team Contacts in planning their deadlines for specification milestones. The tool mainly considers the administrative constraints (publication delays, transition requests, CR and PR review period, CfE, etc.) on the way to REC. These administrative constraints are only a small subset of the overall requirements of REC track.

In theory, it takes around 174 days to move a specification to W3C Recommendation, without open exclusion opportunities. In reality, various requirements from the W3C process may introduce delays (developing the test-suite, waiting for adequate implementation experience to exit CR, implementation report, PR review and objections).

These constraints may introduce much longer milestones than reported by this tool, which provides nevertheless a good starting point for discussion.


Upcoming Moratoria on Publications

The upcoming moratoria on publications are announced on the Chairs mailing list.


The computation takes into account the W3C Process, the W3C Patent Policy, and the transition requirements. You may tweak the current logic/dependencies depending on your preferences or current publication state:




You may use a TR to take into account the history:
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