Accessible Name and Description Computation 1.1: Test Results

Exit Criteria

As stated in the specification’s Candidate Recommendation exit criteria:

For each aspect of the name and description computation, at least two implementations will demonstrate implementability of that feature. Implementations consist of web browsers which expose the computed accessible name or description to accessibility APIs in a manner appropriate to the platform. Specific accessibility API mappings are not in scope of this specification; they are used only to evaluate the computed name and description.

Because the implementation of the name and description calculation is, for the most part, platform agnostic, “implementation” and “browser” were treated in a platform-agnostic manner. Thus a test which passes in Firefox for ATK (Linux), Firefox for IAccessible2 (Windows), and Firefox for AXAPI (macOS) is treated as one passing implementation; not three. The same is true for Chrome/Chromium on each of the aforementioned platforms. WebKitGtk and Safari were similarly treated as one implementation rather than two.

Detailed results for each browser + API combination tested and a platform-agnostic summary have each been provided below.

Implementation Report Details

Results for Browsers

Of the 153 tests:

Results for Each Browser + API Combination Tested

Regarding Name Sources for AXAPI

Unlike other platforms, macOS’s AXAPI has three different possibilities for exposure of the result of the calculated name:

When verifying that user agents on macOS calculated the name correctly, each of the above sources was taken into consideration in the order listed above. If the AXDescription had no result, the AXTitle was examined. If the AXTitle also had no result, the name was taken from the children of the AXTitleUIElement.