Core Accessibility API Mappings 1.1: Test Results

Candidate Recommendation Exit Criteria

The Accessible Rich Internet Applications Working Group intends to exit the Candidate Recommendation stage and submit the Core Accessibility API Mappings 1.1 specification for consideration as a W3C Proposed Recommendation after documenting implementation of each feature.

For each set of mappings to a given platform, at least one implemenation of 75% of the mappings to that platform will demonstrate implementability on that platform. Multiple implementations of each platform are not required because some platforms have only one implementation.

Number of Subtests Per Platform

The number of subtests per platform varies due to what a given platform expects to be mapped and how. For instance, the value of aria-autocomplete is not mapped in either UIA or AX API, but is mapped in both ATK and MSAA + IAccessible2. When a given attribute is not mapped for a particular platform, that platform will lack subtests for the exposure of that attribute.

On the flip side, some properties have additional exposure requirements on some platforms. For example, ATK and MSAA + IAccessible2 each have API for “reverse relationships” which facilitate the ability of an assistive technology to go from a referenced element back to the element holding the reference. When a platform has additional mapping requirements, it will have additional subtests to test for successful implementation of those requirements.

Index of Implementations