Digital Publishing WAI-ARIA Module 1.0: Test Results

Candidate Recommendation Exit Criteria

The Accessible Rich Internet Applications Working Group intends to exit the Candidate Recommendation stage and submit the Digital Publishing WAI-ARIA Module 1.0 specification for consideration as a W3C Proposed Recommendation after documenting implementation of each feature.

For this specification to be advanced to Proposed Recommendation, it has to be proven that roles defined in this specification have sufficient usage by the target communities. More specifically, it has to be documented that each Digital Publishing Role is used (at least in preliminary prototypes, not necessarily in full production yet) by two, independent document authors/publishers as a means to structure documents, where “usage” means:

Publisher Implementations

The following table provides a list of publishers who have stated that they are currently using the vocabulary in production or who are in the process of rolling out their implementations.

Note that all respondents indicated they are already using the Digital Publishing vocabulary in conjunction with the ARIA role attribute (i.e., none of the recorded uses are based on a projected change from the epub:type attribute once the vocabulary becomes a recommendation).

Role Wiley Pearson Hachette HMH AMS
doc-abstract X X X X X
doc-acknowledgments X X X X
doc-afterword X X
doc-appendix X X X X X
doc-backlink X X X X
doc-biblioentry X X X X X
doc-bibliography X X X X X
doc-biblioref X X X X
doc-chapter X X X
doc-colophon X X
doc-conclusion X X X
doc-cover X X X X
doc-credit X X X
doc-credits X X X
doc-dedication X X X X X
doc-endnote X X X X
doc-endnotes X X X X
doc-epigraph X X X
doc-epilogue X X
doc-errata X X X
doc-example X X X
doc-footnote X X X X
doc-foreword X X
doc-glossary X X X X
doc-glossref X X X
doc-index X X X
doc-introduction X X X X
doc-noteref X X X X
doc-notice X X X
doc-pagebreak X X X
doc-pagelist X X X
doc-part X X X
doc-preface X X X
doc-prologue X X
doc-pullquote X X X
doc-qna X X
doc-subtitle X X X X
doc-tip X X X
doc-toc X X X X
HMH = Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
AMS = American Mathematical Society

Authoring Tool Implementations

The BlueGriffon editor includes the ability to author roles from the Digital Publishing vocabulary in both EPUB publications and (X)HTML pages.

Reading System Implementations

As EPUB 3 reading systems are built on browser cores, they will inherit traditional support for the Digital Publishing roles as their mappings are implemented.

Developers of the Readium reading system implemented experimental support for the role attribute in place of epub:type during the EPUB 3.1 revision, for the specialized purposes it serves (e.g., identifying the table of contents). The implementation was not publicly released, however, because the epub:type attribute was retained as the primary semantic inflection mechanism.

As many other reading systems already use epub:type to provide special beahviours (e.g., pop-up footnotes), it is fully expected that support for the DPUB-ARIA publishing roles will grow as future publishing standards move to use roles as their primary means of semantic inflection.