This document provides a registry of PerformanceEntry.entryType used in Performance Timeline [[PERFORMANCE-TIMELINE-2]].

For updates, see Registration Entry Requirements and Update Process.


Performance Timeline [[PERFORMANCE-TIMELINE-2]] defines primitives that enable web developers to access, instrument, and retrieve various performance metrics from the full lifecycle of a web application. The performance data of various metrics is hosted in PerformanceEntry objects. The type of interface for a PerformanceEntry object is identified with entryType.

This registry is intended to provide a central location for enumerating identified interface types of PerformanceEntry object.

Registration Entry Requirements and Update Process

An update to this registry is one of the following:

Any person can request an update to this registry by pull requests to the timing-entrytypes-registry repository. The Web Performance Working Group will place it on an upcoming meeting agenda and notify the requestor. Consideration and disposition of the request is by consensus of the W3C Web Performance Working Group. The Chair will then notify the requestor of the outcome and update the registry accordingly.


This section is the registry of identified PerformanceEntry.entryType values for performance timeline interfaces [[PERFORMANCE-TIMELINE-2]].

entryType Identifier Interface Type(s) availableFromTimeline maxBufferSize Should add entry Public Specification(s) Requestor Contact
"mark" PerformanceMark True Infinite Return true [[!USER-TIMING-2]] W3C
"measure" PerformanceMeasure True Infinite Return true [[!USER-TIMING-2]] W3C
"navigation" PerformanceNavigationTiming True Infinite Return true [[!NAVIGATION-TIMING-2]] W3C
"resource" PerformanceResourceTiming True 250 Return true [[!RESOURCE-TIMING-2]] W3C
"longtask" PerformanceLongTaskTiming False 200 Return true [[!LONGTASKS-1]] W3C
"paint" PerformancePaintTiming True 2 Return true [[!PAINT-TIMING]] W3C
"element" PerformanceElementTiming False 150 Return true [[!ELEMENT-TIMING]] WICG
"event" PerformanceEventTiming False 150 Should add PerformanceEventTiming [[!EVENT-TIMING]] WICG
"first-input" PerformanceEventTiming True 1 Should add PerformanceEventTiming [[!EVENT-TIMING]] WICG
"layout-shift" LayoutShift False 150 Return true [[!LAYOUT-INSTABILITY]] WICG
"largest-contentful-paint" LargestContentfulPaint False 150 Return true [[!LARGEST-CONTENTFUL-PAINT]] WICG