Search Criteria

This page describes the search criteria available in https://www.w3.org/TR/.

Search by title

This does a simple text matching on titles of specifications.

Search by tags

This restricts the set of specifications using a limited set of tags. The tags are based on general topics that we believe are most relevant for our general community. A complete list of tags with their descriptions is available.

Search by Status

This matches the status of the Document, as defined by the W3C Process. W3C Recommendations have gone through the entire review cycle and are endorsed by the W3C Director. Retired documents are obsoleted, superseded, or abandoned.

Search by Version

This narrows down the list to a more useful list of documents based on their status. Depending on your needs, you may choose between:

  1. Latest: the most stabilized documents known for a given technology. Use this if you're looking to deploy the technology in documents/applications;
  2. Upcoming: the "tip" of the document, as approved by a W3C Group. Use this if you're interested in being on the leading edge;
  3. Editor's draft: list all known drafts with the latest edits from the editor. Depending on the work style of the Group, those edits may or may not be approved by the Group. Use this if you're an implementor and looking to know the latest thinking.

More information on the version classification can be found in 3. Short Names and canonical URLs.

Comments and issues are welcome in the GitHub repo.