VSSo: the Vehicle Signal Specification Ontology

This repository contains the standards work being carried out around the development, extension and usage of VSSo. VSSo is an ontology created from the Vehicle Signal Specification (VSS). It also relies on the SOSA patterns for observations and actuations.

VSSo began as a research project by EURECOM and BMW, EURECOM’s parent organization Institut Mines-Télécom brought it to W3C for standardization consideration by making a Member Submission comment

A quick start

The main branch of the repository is used for active development.The first version of VSSo based on VSS v1.0 can be found in releases.

Since VSS v1.0 the specification evolved, which allows a different structure of VSSo. The current goal is to create a core ontology defining the major concepts of VSS (e.g. Branch, Sensors, Actuators, etc.). This core ontology is then used as reference, so that the definitions of VSS can be generated as VSSo conctepts through tooling.

We therefore propose three artifacts as part of VSSo, which are reflected in the structure of the repository:


If you use VSSo in a scientific publication, we would appreciate citations to the following paper:

    author={Benjamin Klotz and Raphael Troncy and Daniel Wilms and Christian Bonnet},
    booktitle={9th International Semantic Sensor Networks Workshop (SSN)}


The code is licensed under the Apache-2.0 License. The VSSo ontology is licensed under the CC 4.0 Licence.