The w3c.json file

Projects operating under the w3c organisation (or related to W3C even if under other umbrellas) are encouraged to specify a w3c.json file at the root of their repository. The purpose of this file is to provide some metadata about repositories so that they can be processed automatically by a variety of tools layered atop the organisation. They can also help humans figure out who to contact for a given problem.

Here is an example:

    "group":     "wg/webrtc"
,   "contacts":  ["dontcallmedom"]
,   "repo-type": "rec-track"

The fields that are understood at this point are:

The "/"-seperated concatenation of group-type ("wg", "cg", "ig", "bg") and shortname (alternatively, the numeric ID) of the group in charge of this repo. If the repo is not linked to any group, do not include that field.

Note: If the group is actually a joint task force of more than group, please specify all the shortnames of the groups consist of the task force as an array, e.g.:
"group": ["wg/css", "wg/svg"]
An array of people who are considered points of contact for the repository for administrative requests. They aren't necessarily the primary contributor and they aren't necessarily from the W3C Team. Whatever works for any given repository is acceptable. For integration purposes, please use your GitHub ID.
String to identify the type and purpose of the repository, or an array of such strings if the repository holds more than one type of content. The possible values for this field are:

W3C Recommendation Track Documents including First Public Working Draft, Working Draft, Candidate Recommendation, Proposed Recommendation and W3C Recommendation
W3C Note Track including Group Draft Note, Group Note and Statement
W3C Registry Track including Draft Registry, Candidate Registry, Candidate Registry Draft, and Registry
W3C Community Group Report
Test suite work
Work around W3C Process document, charters, policies
Repo to manage W3C workshops
Groups' homepages
Repo hosting translation of a spec or other documents
Non-spec documents
Development of tools
Group-independent projects
Other purposes
This is essentially a W3C-internal flag. If set to open, any W3C Team member should feel empowered to help with the management of this given repository. This can be set to restricted to indicate that for whatever reason, it is preferable to let the repository be handled only by team contacts directly associated with it. The default value is open.
This flag indicates if a repository gets exposed in the W3C group pages. By default, all public repositories will get exposed (exposed:true) and all private repositories will not get exposed (exposed:false).


There is a variety of tools using the w3c.json files.


The tools pages of all of the W3C related groups, such as WICG or VC are generated using the compiled set of w3c.json files. See also the w3c/groups README.