W3C Web Accessibility Initiative
Web Accessibility Developer Intros Guidance on how to create websites that meet WCAG


May 2017

Overall changes:

  • Introducing cross-links to other documents
  • Making demos easier to discover
  • Using a new, easier to read font

New Publications: Page Structure, Menus Tutorial, and Carousels Tutorial

  • Substantive clarification and simplification of the language from the previously published draft
  • Page Structure:
    • Vastly expanded page structure tutorial
    • Rename “Page Sections” to “Page Regions” to clarify terminology, added example images
    • Add a “Labeling Regions” page
    • Clarify the headings page, including a better description of ranks and example images for different uses of headings.
    • Move “articles” and “sections” from the “Page Sections” page to the “Content Structure” page
    • Clarify and expand on the ordered, unordered, and description lists
    • Remove “Styling” and “In-page Navigation” pages to focus the tutorial
    • Add an example that shows all techniques used
  • Menus:
    • Clearer language and structure on the structure page
    • Complete overhaul of the styling page to focus on menu identification and interaction
    • Clarify structure of the fly-out menus page
    • Application menus: Move code and example to separate page, clarified ARIA information
    • Remove the multiple ways page to focus the tutorial
  • Carousels:
    • Moved styling considerations to one central new styling page
    • Updated structure of the functionality page, including new content for announcing the current carousel item and focus management
    • Updated structure and more focus on the animations page
    • Moved the working example and the full code examples to their own pages

Minor Updates: Images, Forms, and Tables Tutorial

March 2015

  • Updates
    • Images Tutorial
    • Forms Tutorial
    • Tables Tutorial
  • Draft Publication
    • Page Structure Tutorial
    • Menus Tutorial
    • Carousels Tutorial

September 2014

  • First Publication:
    • Images Tutorial
    • Forms Tutorial
    • Tables Tutorial