Script 2: Colors with Good Contrast

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Sequence Narration Visuals Audio Description
0 [INTRO MUSIC] [TITLE] Web Accessibility Perspectives - Colors with Good Contrast [before narration:] Web accessibility perspectives
1 There’s something about great design that allows it to go practically unnoticed... A woman is walking down a street, observing road signs. She is happy and confidently walking where she wants to go. [after narration:] A woman is walking happily down the street. Signs with directions are shown.
2 But it doesn’t take much to make things confusing and frustrating. Choosing colors with poor contrast makes navigating, reading, and interacting a real pain. Same scene, but with the road signs changed in post-production so there’s almost no contrast. This time the woman looks confused trying to figure them out. [after "frustraing" and before "choosing":] The signs change to have poor contrast. [after narration:] The woman now looks confused.
3 Good design means sufficient contrast between foreground and background colors. We see the same woman in the street looking at their phone’s navigation app. [after narration:] She looks at a navigation app on her phone.
4 That’s not just text and images but links, icons, and buttons – if it’s important enough to be seen then it needs to be clear! The woman using the app looks at a poorly contrasted button that becomes clear as she looks at it. [after narration:] The app has a button with low contrast that changes to become clear.
5 And this is essential for people with low contrast sensitivity, which becomes more common as we age. We cut to an older man sitting on a sofa looking at a tablet. [after narration:] An older man on a sofa is looking at a tablet.
6 With good colors websites and applications can be easier to use in more situations. We see his phone light up with a notification. He puts the tablet down and goes to look at his phone. [after narration:] He goes to read a message on his mobile phone.
7 Like in different lighting conditions. The lighting conditions change - Sun glares on to the phone screen – but it’s still clear as a bell. [after narration:] Sun glares on the phone, but the text is still readable.
8 Web accessibility: essential for some, useful for all. We see the woman from earlier in the film walking the streets, navigating using their mobile phone. She arrives at her destination. [after narration:] The woman from earlier arrives at her destination using the mobile app.
9 Visit for more information on colors with good contrast. [WEB ADDRESS (; W3C AND WAI LOGOS; COPYRIGHT NOTICE] W3C Web Accessibility Initiative, copyright 2016