ACT Rules (Demo)

Note: The following ACT Rules are draft proposals for demonstration and discussion. They have not yet been reviewed by ACT TF, AG WG, and Auto-WCAG CG. They currently have no formal standing in W3C, and can only be considered as such. If you have feedback, please comment by filing GitHub issues in the WCAG ACT repository, if this is not feasible, by email to public-wcag-act-comments@w3.org.

Number Rule name WCAG criterion
ACT-G1-R1 Media auto-play: pause mechanism
ACT-G1-R2 Media auto-play: 3 seconds
ACT-G1-R3 Media auto-play: pausing
ACT-G1-R4 Media auto-play: silent
ACT-R1 Meta refresh and redirect is not used
ACT-R2 Proper use of aria-describedby