ACT-G1-R3: Media auto-play: pausing

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Important: The ACT Rules on this page are a demonstration of how they might be published by the W3C. The goal of this page is to add concrete examples for the Accessibility Conformance Testing Rules Format (DRAFT). Neither the ACT Rules, or the way they are presented here has been approved by the Accessibility Guidelines Working Group. If you have feedback, please comment by filing GitHub issues in the WCAG ACT repository, if this is not feasible, by email to public-wcag-act-comments@w3.org.

Accessibility Requirements

This conformance rule relates to:


Automatically playing audio and video must be paused or stopped within the first 3 seconds, unless it passes another ACT-G3 rule.



ACT-R3 Rule group

This rule is part of a group, consisting of:

Applicable elements should pass at least one of these rules.


Any video or audio element(s) with the autoplay attribute, as well as any object element(s) that is used for automatically playing video or audio when the web page loads.


The applicable item is paused or stopped within 3 seconds after it begins playing.


Changes since the previous version


This ACT rule was created by Frank Berker and Wilco Fiers.

Validation Tests

To validate the implementation of this rule, all test cases for ACT-G1-R3 must be passed.