ACT Rules for WCAG 2.0

ACT-R1: Meta refresh and redirect is not used

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Accessibility Requirements

This conformance rule relates to:


This test checks if meta element is not used for delayed redirecting or refreshing.



Test procedure


Select all elements that match the following CSS selector:


Step 1

Take the value of the content attribute of the selected element.

Remove any characters starting after the first comma or semicolon from the value.

Parse the remainder to an integer.

If the integer is invalid or 0, return step1-pass

Else return step1-fail


The resulting assertion is as follows,

Property Value
type Assertion
test act:ACT-R1
subject the selected element
mode earl:automatic
result « One TestResult from below »


Property Value
type TestResult
outcome Passed
description « todo »


Property Value
type TestResult
outcome Failed
description Meta refresh should not be used unless it is instantaneous.


This is the first version of this rule.

Validation Tests

To validate the implementation of this rule, all test cases for ACT-R1 must be passed.