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Technique G191:Providing a link, button, or other mechanism that reloads the page without any blinking content

About this Technique

This technique is Sufficient to meet 2.2.2: Pause, Stop, Hide.


This technique relates to all technologies.

This technique relates to 2.2.2: Pause, Stop, Hide (Sufficient).


This is a general technique for allowing people who cannot use a page with blinking content to turn the blinking content off. Conformance Requirement 1 allows for conforming alternate pages to be used to meet conformance. This technique is an example of that approach applied to success criteria 2.2.2.

It is important that the page without blinking content contain all of the information that was on the page with blinking content.

Removing the content that was blinking from the page would only be satisfactory if the blinking content was redundant with non blinking content in the original page.

This technique can be used in combination with a style switching technique to present a page that is a conforming alternate version for non-conforming content. Refer to Using a style switcher to provide a conforming alternate version and Understanding Conforming Alternate Versions for more information.


  • A page has blinking text at the top warning users that they should not submit the page without first registering. A link at the very top of the page reloads the page with the blinking text replaced with text that is styled to be highly visible but does not blink.



  1. Check that there is a mechanism to reload page to turn off blinking.
  2. Check that reloaded page has no blinking.
  3. Check that the reloaded page has all the information and functionality of the original page.

Expected Results

  • All of the above checks are true.
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