Allowing for Reflow with Long URLs

Long URLs can break reflow when the page is zoomed. See the technique Allowing for Reflow with Long URLs and Strings of Text for further details.

The default state of this page is to be 320px wide (like a mobile-sized display) with no styling on the links. You should see link-text breaking the boundaries of their containers. Some of which will cause horizontal scrolling at 320px wide, or you will see the URLs break-out of their container. When the style 'a.wrapped {overflow-wrap: break-word;} is toggled with the button, the long URLs will wrap within their respective containers.

Example - URL with equal signs, underscores, ampersands, and dashes, but some long sections of unbroken alphanumeric characters. Note: due to the * selector all examples work in IE/Edge styled or not.