Yoav Weiss, Nic Jansma, Alex Christensen, Benjamin de Kosnik, Carine Bournez, Giacomo Zecchini, Michelle Vu, Noam Helfman, Sean Feng

Next Meeting

July 8 2021 @ 10am PST / 1pm EST

TPAC 2021

Preload & Resource Hints => CR snapshot (??)


rIC #92: Editorial: rename spec to requestIdleCallback() 

JS profiling and COI restrictions - Noam Helfman

Can non-W3C members join TPAC?

Fetch #1232 (RT): Add a "revalidated" cache state & RT #272: Add a revalidation cache state and adapt transferSize to it 

NT #146: A scenario where transferSize is 0 for non cached loads (or may be not)