Web of Things

W3C WoT – Thing Description Task Force

The WoT Thing Description task force is responsible for defining the information model for the Things, its interpretation and common representation. In addition, the task force covers WoT Binding Templates topics to define the mapping to concrete IoT protocols and payload encodings.

Normative Deliverable

WoT Thing Description 1.1

This specification describes a superset of the features defined in Thing Description 1.0. In general, the specification describes the formal model of a Thing and its common representation in JSON-LD 1.1. It introduces a simple interaction model with Properties, Actions, and Events to describe the capabilities of the Thing, including its data model, the communication protocol used, security mode, and other semantic metadata. The WoT Thing Description 1.1 also formally introduces the Thing Model concept that has less restriction and does not contain any instance-specific information.

Informative Deliverable

WoT Binding Templates

This document describes the set of vocabulary extensions to the WoT Thing Description that make up the Binding Templates. Binding Templates enable a Thing Description to be adapted to the specific protocol or data payload usage across the different standards. This is done through additional descriptive vocabulary that is used in the Thing Description.


Sebastian Kaebisch (Siemens AG)
WoT Thing Description Co-Editors:
Sebastian Kaebisch (Siemens AG), Takuki Kamiya (Fujitsu Laboratories of America), Victor Charpenay (Siemens AG)
WoT Binding Templates:
Michael Koster (SmartThings), Ege Korkan (Siemens AG)