Web of Things Working Group

Our Mission

The Web of Things seeks to counter the fragmentation of the IoT through standard complementing building blocks (e.g., metadata and APIs) that enable easy integration across IoT platforms and application domains. This Working Group Charter covers those aspects that the Web of Things Interest Group believes are mature enough to progress to W3C Recommendations. Further background is available in the accompanying white paper.

The Co-Chairs of the group are Michael McCool (Intel) and Sebastian Kaebisch (Siemens).
The W3C Team Contacts for the group are Kazuyuki Ashimura and Dave Raggett.

Publication Status

Normative Deliverables
Document First Public Working Draft Candidate Recommendation Proposed Recommendation W3C Recommendation
WoT Architecture 14 September 2017 30 January 2020 9 April 2020
WoT Thing Description 14 September 2017 30 January 2020 9 April 2020
Informative Deliverables
Document Public Note(s)
WoT Scripting API
WoT Binding Templates
WoT Security and Privacy Guidelines