Draft charters for public review

This repo is a space for draft charters to be developed for W3C Working Groups or W3C Interest Groups, to be discussed and refined. No charters that get added to this repo necessarily have any official standing at all—anyone can create a draft charter here for public discussion. If you’d like to have push access to add a draft charter to the repo, file an issue requesting access or fork this repo to make a pull request.

See the template

For W3C Community Groups, please start from the CG charter template.

Using the template for a W3C Working Group

The scope section serves a key function: to guide the WG chairs, participants, and reviewing legal teams on the outer boundaries of their work and patent commitments. To facilitate that review “Scope” should be limited to a clear description of the WG’s permitted work areas. Other material (background, explanations, motivations) should go outside the Scope section.

Notes for W3C Team

Before proposing a charter for review to the Advisory Committee, mark the charter “PROPOSED” and copy the PROPOSED charter to date-space (leaving a pointer to the github repo for continued issue-raising). That way, we can update the draft in response to AC review comments, without changing what’s being reviewed.

You are encouraged to give a pointer in the call for review to previous issue discussion, e.g. the charter-drafts github repo.

Older drafts may be found in the /archive/ folder.